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The Makers・Apparel Show

  Buyer matching strategy

“Japan Smart Ready-to-Wear Salon” will carefully select high-quality suppliers familiar with Japanese markets from the buyer’s perspective, who will work with buyers to build highly matching, highly efficient specialized platforms. Organizers would especially invite brand buyers to raise requirements for suppliers and then send supplier information to them in response to brand buyers’ requirements, and adjust suppliers and their products by reference to buyer opinion to increase the degree of matching in onsite business negotiations.

  Professionally focused strategy

“Japan Smart Ready-to-Wear Salon” focuses on type matching and technological depth of ready-to-wear making, highlights the correspondence between counter-specific OEM and fast fashion, and endeavours to introduce new arrivals. It highlights the latest trends and capabilities of ready-to-wear making in terms of design, fabric, technology and service and shows the process of upgrading from manufacturing to smart making. In a product mix consisting primarily of ready-to-wear, it brings in high-quality fabric and accessory suppliers moderately to provide matching options for buyers, while at the same time planning to bring in brand-related information elements such as design and prevailing trends to create specialized business climates.

CLUB-like strategy

Relaxed, comfortable and specialized atmospheres and environments are conducive to in-depth exchanges between two sides of the trade, as well as help reduce the sense of impetuosity and anxiety often seen in events. “Japan Smart Ready-to-Wear Salon” considered the need to create a suitable business space at its planning stage, and intentionally improves the functionality and usage efficiency of public spaces while providing display spaces, planning to add public facilities such as show stand, sample table, lounge and bar counter to make the salon felt more like club than average trade show.

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